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This website is designed to share my knowledge of guitars.
Hereby, I focus primarily on the beginning and advanced guitarist.
I've noticed that if people want to start playing guitar, and want to buy one, they soon get lost in the many possibilities and the differtent kinds and qualities of guitars.


Of course everyone wants a good guitar, but:
What is a good guitar?
The information in guitarshops remains often vague, partly because the beginning guitarist usually does not know what questions he / she should ask. And most professional sellers simply don't have the time for a lecture.

Also, most people don't know what to look for when they want to buy a guitar.
I try to help a little with my knowledge and experience in this area.
I hope this site can offer some help.
Enjoy the site.
Special thanks goes to my son, Timon, who has built this site for me as part of his training software engineering.