S. Sgroi Silvestri - Chitarra Classica

A charming classical guitar from around 1958.

Built in Catania in Sicily.


Bought as a guitar with a heavy past.

The paint was very damaged. The rest of the guitar was however completely intact.

After sanding it completely bare, by hand, very beautiful woodwork showed up from under that terrible lacquer.

I was able to sand it because the rosette is still real inlay work and no sticker.

Everyone who saw it in a sanded state thought I should leave it matte. Spraying him shiny would be a shame.

I sprayed it matte with nitrocellulose lacquer.

The result: a very nice 50s guitar with a unique finish.

A little gem in my collection.


N.B. The last photo shows the original condition.


Would you like to know more about bringing this guitar into this condition?

The full story, complete with photos, can be found at:,4,54772,page=2

just scroll down to see it all.


The Scicilian singer and composer Giada Salerno bought this guitar from me to play old Scicilian folk music. She used it on her first CD.