Teisco Mosrite

Teisco (or Silvertone or Kawai if you prefer) made these budget guitars on an assembly line in great numbers.

It is a Mosrite based copy.

The tremolo is a unique piece of metal and it still works.

Special is the switching of the pickups that can be switched on and off with a slider, in addition to the potentiometers that control tone and volume.

The elements are great, though very microphonic.

I understand that guitarists had these elements transferred into better built guitars.

The bodywork is made of plywood that weighs nothing. The neck has a print.


 The electronics had stopped working when I bought it. He didn't look too pretty either.


After dismantling, cleaning and repairing some parts, it works great again. He also looks beautiful again.


Very nice guitar with a formidable blues sound. But other styles also work very well. Just search on Youtube.