Eko 552


Honestly, for years I had no idea how good this guitar actually is.


Since it was my first study guitar, I've always taken it for granted. I also didn't think it sounded brilliant compared to other (but much more expensive) guitars.


I put it away for years because I thought that other guitars were more interesting.


Until recently I picked it up again. I wanted to fix it up, actually to sell it. So I tackled the neck, reglued the top nut and adjusted the bridge nut just a little better. And put new strings on it.


D'Addario EJ 25C strings to be exact. Those are flamenco strings, and because I was starting to understand more and more about guitars I had the idea that with the ash sides and back this could be much better than anything that had been on it before. Because of the woods it is more a flamenco than a classical guitar.


The result was astonishing.


The sound is really great. My wife thought it sounded better than my beloved hand-built and all-solid Vicente Sanchis. (Also a flamenco guitar)


That says quite a bit.


I started playing it again and it amazes me every time. Really amazing.


This gives rise to set the action now really 100% correct. It is now at 90% of the maximum achievable.


At the time, I replaced the bridge nut with a bridge nut of plexiglas that I made myself. That was because at that time I couldn't buy the correct bridge nut with the correct thickness that was needed for this guitar. Plexiglass is really hard. The nice thing that came out of this experiment is that I noticed that the vibrations are transmitted very well to the top due to this hardness. It gains in volume and dynamics.


I think many bridge bridges that come standard on guitars are too soft. In any case, this plexiglass nut works very well.


In short: it is not for sale. He's just too good to let go.


Moreover, my daughter didn't get any happier when I announced that I wanted to sell it. Not only me, but she also learned to play this guitar.


And there are too many (beautiful) memories attached to this guitar.


It stays. Forever.