Classical or Spanish guitar

The most famous guitar. Also known as Spanish guitar.
Ideal to start.
Because the neck is wider than an electric or wersternguitar you can easily position your fingers on the neck.
The nylon strings are more flexible than steel strings, and as a beginner you need to get a little strenght in your fingers, then a classical guitar is a good choise.
They exist in many qualities. From a starters guitar (costs nothing, is therefore nothing) to hand-built models over € 10.000, -.
But there always can be found a good guitar within your budget.

There is specific music specially written for the classical guitar. Hardrock played on a classical guitar will never sound really good. And vice versa the same thing...
But also for playing near a campfire you can make good use of a classical guitar. For many popular songs, you can some fast  results. Of course you need to practise, you don't get the skills without some labour.