Electric Guitar

Electric guitars were originally mainly used to create more volume. This to keep up with the loudness of the drums.
You can  fill a room with sound with the use of a good set (amplifier + guitar).

Later the use of effects became more populair.
The first effects arose because the amplifiers were not so good at high volume they started to overmodulate. In the first ownermanuals the manufacturers said not to put the volume too high, later they left that advice out...
Because some players saw opportunities in these effects they experimented a lot. Jimmy Hendrix made incisions in the cone of his speakers to get a distortion-like effect. Now there are all kinds of effects for sale with convenient foot switches. Distortion and chorus are the most known and used.

The Fender Stratocaster is perhaps the best known and most ïmmitated electric guitar. That does not necessarily mean that this is the best guitar for each goal. But that this guitar has changed the history of pop music dramatically is a sure fact.