Dobro guitar

The dobro or resonator guitar is a steelstring guitar with a narrow neck and a metal/aluminium soundbox.

This type of guitar is mostly known under the name Dobro, trademark of the Dopyera brothers.

The neck can be curved or flat, this last version is mostly used for playing with a slide. A slide is a metal, or glass, tube wich one slides over the strings.

This guitar is mostly used in country and blues music.


The dobro is a special type of guitar not only because of its metal soundbox, but also because inside this guitar hides another instrument.

In a dobro guitar hides a banjo, completely build inside the soundbox, but the round shape clearly shows its presence.

Under this drum a resonator is placed. This is a tubeshaped skin that is very similar to a banjo skin, and wich has the function to amplify the sound.

Because of these adjustments it was possible fot guitarplayers to play 'banjo' without difficulties.

The sound of a dobro guitar is a metallike, sharp, bright tone.

The dobro is prominently suitable for playing with a slide.


Very well known is the soundtrack of 'Paris, Texas' by Ry Cooder. You will recognize the dobro guitar immediately.