Dear guitarists,

My name is Eugene Kanters and my hobby is playing guitar and vintage guitars.

I have played and tried out many guitars. New ones and vintage ones.

Electric, acoustic, 12-string, classical, western and gypsy guitars, I have it all in my collection (or have had it). 

I've also given a lot of people buying advice.
To play as many guitars as you can, ask a lot of questions and doing a lot of research is the way to gather experience and knowledge.
I concluded that from early 70 to late 80's a lot of good guitars where built. Especially in Japan, but also in other countries.
These guitars are often for sale for half to one third of the costs of a new guitar of comparable quality. Sometimes for even less money ...
Another advantage of an old guitar that it usually already has been played 'loose' and, because of the drying the wood, has a much warmer and fuller sound.

Occasionally I find a good guitar which I buy.

I  clean these guitars completely, especially the neck and the frets, I set them optimally so that they light play and give them the right set of new strings.

Finding the right strings is often a matter of trying. Therefore, I have several sets of strings in stock so I can choose the best set.
If necessary I make some (minor) repairs. Wrecks I do not buy.
But I do cosmetic restorations if the guitar in question is special enough.
Good examples are: my S. Sgroi Silvestri, my Dylon Stratocaster and current projects: my Telesforo Juve's. See 'My collection'.
The result is a great guitar for a fraction of the newprice.
Then I play on it for a while until I find a new favorite.
The disadvantage of this hobby is that your collection tends to expand.
Before I buy another guitar, I occasionally have to sell a guitar.
Sometimes this is a pity, on the other hand it goffers new possibilities of fine discoveries. And often it gives my a change to meet nice people.
I enjoy this hobby verry much.

Enjoy this site and playing your guitar,

Eugene Kanters